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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Miss Skinner Dream

I'm dressed in 'authentic Roman toga' enjoying a cup o' joe while reading inky newspaper; admiring toga togs miraculously soft like old nappies yet sailcloth sturdy . 'Gotta hand it to the Romans!---but what's this? Coffee stains soiling sacred togacloth with my stupid mindless slurping; as I jolt up reflexively sploots and O O O ! Knowledge of toga as an ancient relic 'on loan' and no way I can return it soiled like this---but now I'm running down the east hallway of Dayton Heights Elementary in adult body---I do know where the bathroom is and so run right in seeing same sad broken stall doors framing shame-faced littleboys taking vein-popping world premier dumps---whole stinky boysroom permeated with conscious-stricken self-loathing---now I'm puddle-jumping stinkwater barefoot-naked with toga; mocking laughter echoing off white tiles but now I don't care like then---my mind reeling over consequences of returning tarnished loan-toga---looking along long-sink with clean water and washboard but other half of water is suspended vile and menacing at the other end like two rivers yet unblended---I've got to work slowly with utmost care not to allow polluted bilge bolitos to swim over here---dry snickering in the air and I turn to see the shitter boys bareteeth mocking...but bigger concern lurks (I know they know about the toga) sudden grabbing from behind---headlock-armtwists and grabbing at toga---my mind in a pickle for a way out while me naked and schoolyards of ingnominy waiting out there. I'm now back-to-the-door bracing a forceful hunchbacking shove..........Later boys gone and all silence except for sinkdrips---stark naked in front of Miss Skinner (how'd she get in here?) She's staring at me updownupdown and whoooah I can't keep my cock from spring fever dancing OH SHAME---she's so glamorous now opening her purse pulling out lanyard keychain reaching around me and click-locking the door. She's on me up close and kissing me with my mind mixed up between nowself and thenself. Excitement beyond the rapture because this is real---first love feelings thought lost now renewed and we're actually gonna shag. No matter about the locked doors because here comes kindly Mr. Orth right into the room checking stalls; newshoes waterslogging---making certain. Miss Skinner runs up to him and oh yes I sense something erotic between them, but Orth is ancient....and....how? They've somehow retreated half hiding into a stall; his hand already up her skirt and she's grinding, really digging in like wild rover. Big jealous current running through me but I'm way more excited at the prospect of live porn and so angle over for strategic views and serious wanking but somehow the plug gets pulled and I'm brutalized by something from behind, far off but bigger....muffled dinglebuzzing and it's my alarmclock bringing down heavy toga-curtain on smoldering xxx rated joy.


Blogger karma said...

wow did the dudes wear anything under the togas?

4:37 AM  
Blogger finnegan said...

karma said...
wow did the dudes wear anything under the togas?

Finnegan said...Don't know if they were Scottish, Karma. I only remember them as normal schoolboys non-parochially dressed. Too young for your tastes.....I imagine---'H0T dudes in duds' they weren't---merely those sort of jerky schoolboys that grow up to be those sameoldsameold adult men you can do without. The sort that vibrators can beat at any sex quiz.

6:12 AM  
Blogger Brown Skin said...

I was going to leave a comment. But I'm too sensitive on this subject, better do it some other times when you speak about sunny days.
Brutal sensations are definately too dangerous for me in this moment.

Kisses and happy Easter to you!

5:23 PM  
Blogger finnegan said...

happy easter to you too carolina

9:08 PM  
Blogger transience said...

that stirred something in me. what a kickass dream. do you drink anything special before going to bed? i really need a diversion from this waking life.

8:11 AM  
Blogger finnegan said...

transience said...that stirred something in me. what a kickass dream. do you drink anything special before going to bed?

F said...I've always always had wild dreams T---All dreamers are not created equal, heh heh. Seriously, you are surely dreaming a whole lot that your waking mind doesn't remember simply because you haven't disciplined it to do so. You can. Anyone can. The techniques are there. David Lynch has made whole films! Jack Kerouac and James Joyce whole books! There are dreams out yonder waiting for you to ride up and snatch; pedal up and...oh, er, ah, about your comment link...

9:33 AM  

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