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“We are such stuff as dreams are made of, and our whole life is rounded with a sleep” ~ Shakespeare

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fly Fishing Dream

My brother Jim is trying to describe his new flyfishing floatboat to me---a brand new exotic technology---I don't get it, and Ellis pulls out his really huge 'Power Mac' (had to be 25'' or more) and I'm gagga looking at it, get lost with the oddness and how light it is---Ellis switches it on and up comes an animated screensaver film full blown and beautiful subtitles, voice over narration...Jim goes by the screen in the flatboat like some Star Wars ship---slowmo; lake water much like mercury. The 'boat' is clear plastic and flat with Jimmy prone looking back and waving to the camera---I ask 'Where are the windows?' They both look at each other and laugh but never tell me. Ellis talking both on the screensaver film and in the room---his voices crisscrossing and I'm getting confused and tell him to let his voice-over do the speaking---now we're following alongside the floatboat and camera zooming in on contents---Saltines, Weetabix, bacon, cans of preserves...he's inside his sleeping bag and has a shotgun---not fishing rod---poking out the front. 'We're into duck hunting now. It's on whole other level'. Now the big Power Mac starts acting up and Ellis is hunting around for his AC but can't locate it. I'm looking at the laptop and thinking it's much too light to be a serious computer; so how? Ellis now going into a long and complicated technical explanation of Mac evolution and I'm feeling like I've been away for a very long time. Fleeting thoughts of coma.

Large transport plane flying close overhead. San Diego? Near an ocean. Stooping down with a stranger smoking a joint talking about the dissolving naval fleet docked in the harbor....plane is sinking and now going much too close to mass transit overpass and we watch its left delta wing clipping a long stacked row of storage containers; a maze of sparks flying....then a fireball explosion and we can hear moaning and stranger says 'let's go' and is scampering deftly billygoats down. But I'm not able, I can't negotiate the steepdusty slope. Big drop ravine---now he's waving maniacally and I'm stuck. My mind is terrified at the prospect of seeing human meat chunks and poop guts in the trees. I take a drag on the roach and start cleaning my teeth, thinking of what to do. The signs nearby speaking Spanish all bullet-riddled and wrinklerusted---sad poor houses, whitwashed with flapping laundry. Tijuana? Andalucia? I see the tide coming in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes panic attacks are worse in dreams,it seems. Maybe it is because you can't think rationally or move to get out of whatever situation you are in.

5:24 AM  
Blogger finnegan said...

Sometimes panic attacks are worse in dreams...

Yes no question about that.

Curiously though, my dream states don't always contain the same sort of physically visceral quality of conscious reality. Often it's me slightly outside myself watching me--- as though I were both the actor and viewer, much like how film/viewer syntax. It's sort of like being the observer and the thing observed.

The identity of events and feelings and how they 'play out', especially fear and panic, is pretty mercurial.

What you said about not being able to get out of predicaments rationally sounds a lot more like my everyday existence, heh heh.

6:21 AM  
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