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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Carioca Dream

Hello Kitty carioca bar? restaurant? A revolving Big City view with big glass. I'm sitting in crazy big airline seat with mounted cockpit panel like a jumbojet pilot. Wow! Head-sets, volume controls, diodes, mikes and sundry tiny levers, odd knobs---slowly being conveyor-dollied in s-curves, corridor-like---others waiting, inching along and it's like old Disneyland days on acid. Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter and Mr. Toad, only much slower. We're all sitting in identical but slightly different lay-z-boy loungers. Young Japanese woman horribly butchering Marvin Gaye's 'What's going on?' Her voice coming from another place round the bend where we're all headed. Hard-walled live acoustical echoes. Everyone adjusting seatbelt harnesses, looking around at one another, smiling, giddy. I'm wondering 'What song am I going to sing?' and so try asking the guy to my right 'What's your song?' but he doesn't take off his headphones---just smiles, shrugs and starts making simultaneous finger circles around his head and ears---slowly and then furiousfast---backwards, forwards, reversing directions and changing speeds with each finger. Incredible! I try doing the same but retarded as hell and he's not impressed and pulls up a side panel from the armrest to block his view of me. We're moving along and...Aha! This seat can be reclined with this button! Now I realize the loungers have vastly complex modular tricky design and I'm blown away at the genius of it all---now dying to test out all these buttons and levers but no time---singing's getting louder. Everyone pulling up side panels, sliding dome-like pod space vehicles hyper modern and no longer airline seat like mine. Why is mine not converting to newness? I'm feeling around for the side panel to cover up and pod-convert like the others, but my panel is too warped, flexy, flappy and cheap. Keep fiddling with buttons and levers and something really wrong here. Everything's slapshod and I'm embarrassed now about the cheapness vehicle now horrified that I'm just like whitetrash southerners no different which is why that guy shined me on. Now I don't want all the others to see my face, my shame.


Blogger Jennynyc said...

I wish I had dreams like you! This is pure prose! Awesome!

I guess this dream is pretty straight-forward in it's meaning: not feeling like you are able to keep up/fit in with newness/coolness/the modern world.

I wondered about any sexual insecurity in this dream...the man moving his finger, your seat being flappy. Oh well, don't take offense, I think all dreams are about sex and aggression.

6:40 AM  
Blogger finnegan said...

Jennynyc said...I wondered about any sexual insecurity in this dream...the man moving his finger, your seat being flappy. Oh well, don't take offense, I think all dreams are about sex and aggression.

No offense taken whatsoever!

But I don't know about the sexual insecurity manfinger-flap thingy. Is this translation Freudian in origin?

It does seem likely that all dreams originate from a core of psycho-physical (sexual) incompleteness. Maybe our cultures/religions play a big role. It does seem that certain Catholic-influenced individuals I've read and known have conveyed the kookiest dreams.

My father was a Catholic and my mother is a Buddhist. Go figure.

Although I'm amused by the various ways of 'reading' dreams, I tend not to 'work them out' psycho-analytically---but I know there's a certain built-in contradiction to this whenever I sit down to a written translation. There's no way I could ever convey the complexity of my dreams in writing. However, the discipline gets me closer.

8:03 AM  
Blogger I.M. Dedd said...

This is a great concept. I will bookmark this site.

Now you have me thinking about my damn dreams. :}

1:22 PM  
Blogger finnegan said...

Good, because Dead Guy can dream while he's dead.
A real first.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Jennynyc said...

Thanks for alerting me of your comment. Yes, I come from a family in which almost everyone is either a psychiatrist, analyst, or therapist of some kind, so...hence, my psychoanalytic bent. My parents are both Jewish. Well, anyway, your dreams and pictures are an absolute work of art!!!

8:37 PM  
Blogger finnegan said...

Hey that's really encouraging to hear.

1:25 PM  
Blogger finnegan said...

Like I mentioned to other comments, I welcome all responses here, whether the're analytic readings or not. I simply don't read my own dreams analytically, although I suppose a lot of it obviously has great value for others.

1:41 PM  

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