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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wally Cleaver Dream

Futzing with an old pair of Koss headphones heavy as lead in my old room on Griffith Park Blvd.---the wires are much too loose where they connect to the speakers so I try screwing them in better and it all falls apart in my hands, but the sound is still pouring out and I'm amazed wondering if these are the 'wireless optional' but somehow knowing in my mind there was no such consumer thing back in Led Zeppellin 2 daze and anyway this is too cool so why should I worry?

Now going through my old and long vanished baseball cards of 60's players from sad and lonely-looking shoebox shoelace-banded with many packs still fresh Topps bubblegum scented and cornstarched-dusted-so-the-cards-won't-stick-to-the-gum wonder of it all. Sandy Koufax is in a strangely crippled-looking wind-up and not the seamless oiled pitching-machine beautiful that I remember. On the card I try reading the long text written in German about his past and the Holocaust his family suffered through and that he was an escapee and now I'm dumbstruck beyond imagination; what I'd thought before innocent now so different and my boyhood idol now with this sad tragic past and I break down weeping next to my box at the vast tragedy of it all...but then I'm absorbed again looking at a 1959 Wally Moon card (Jesus Christ Wally fucking Moon!) but it isn't Wally now at all but the actor Tony Dow who played Wally Cleaver from 'Leave it to Beaver' but in my dream I'm remembering that he became John Holmes of titanic dick porno fame now remembering an episode where Wally tells Beaver about homosexuality and 'The Beav' is scratching his balls on stage in front of a live tv audience---everyone now hooting and cat-call whistling scandalous-angry from the rafters of massive, multi-tiered La Scala-like space.


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