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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Extreme Yoga Dream

Trying to extreme yoga-wrap legs around my neck--get stuck and cramped back now not at all mobile and tip over sideways and gyrate tossed coin-like only slower---then all coming apart undone and flopping flat backwards and thinking I've discovered a new yoga coin-tossing position sensation ultra advanced and wondering if maybe it isn't so new after all. Then later looking at toaster oven of an early deco design gleaming with telephone-coil type cord but thick and fat. Wrong prongs for Switzerland and I'm trying to connect adapter but no go. Inside toaster are mutiple curly-Q wires for heating and I put my fingers in to feel them and get a slight shock but it's not plugged in and I'm thinking it must be remnant electrical particles--mind drifting off to atom smashers and plugging the toaster into the side of massive nuclear cement cooling tower looking up at infinity of metal steps disappearing into the steam above.


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