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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dallas Zapruder Dream

Going up some long mountain road with Censy and another couple---who are they?---the 'husband' character resembles one of my students, but he's someone I've met before on several occasions and can't quite place him...is he an archetype from one of my dreams? I'm sliding in and out of my dream awareness now---and the woman; is she his girlfriend?, but I recognize her as Cécile's friend Bice, and they seem so mismatched because he speaks no German and she no English; I know this because they're in the back of this rented car clumsily trying to play scrabble on the humped car seat and the guy (I'll call him "Guy") is complaining about the umlauted German letter tiles; that he doesn't know what to do with them; she's answering him in German and the communication is all crossed; now she's leaning up front telling Cécile something discretely and through the whispering I know she's miffed about him. Guy has now picked up a strong Southern dialect. Mississippi? Louisiana? He starts arguing with Bice and poor Bice hasn't got a clue now, because it's all twangy and jumbled and I'm working hard to unjumble the dipthongs. Then a big loud but oddly muffled 'BANG!' Bice starts screaming and I can see in the rear-view that 'Guy's' head has tilted back way too far---a familiar and sickening feeling rushes through me. He's been shot. My mind reels back to the Zapruder clip--- Dallas and pandemonium emotions of that time now overwhelm me and I'm watching and pushing on the brakes but too hard---the black iced road---and now the rental car is turning round in slow-motion---I'm looking forward and back waiting for the big crash of glass and metal....nothing. The car continues slowly pirouetting and Cécile is serenely reading her wine magazine, licking her page-flipping fingers and completely oblivious.


Anonymous Damodred said...

I think that cats purring is the best music too.

8:00 PM  
Blogger finnegan said...

Especially because it puts me to sleep so that I can keep this blog going.

10:10 PM  

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