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Sunday, January 30, 2005

January 30, 2005

Riding a massive metal shovel-as-sled down an insanely steep slope in some Alp mountain now too dark outside--a big bell sounds and the folks are all cackling in dialect about how we've got to get down soon but I'm thinking 'it's all good' and so pay no mind.

Standing in some 30's moderne swing era ballroom with war posters plastered o walls--some saying the ordinary stuff like 'Support Our Troops', but then the odd ones-- 'Get out of 'Nam' and 'War Whores' faces of politicians with Nazi insignias superimposed over their faces including one of Humprey Bogart in an officer's uniform---his face mostly obscured by a blood-dripping swastika--I look up close and see his lower eyelid veins protruding thick and vericosed like narly blue worms crawling beneath--but I know it's him anyway, making me awfully sad that the Bogart I thought I knew is marred by this forever. A waiter is walking around with a tray full of thin-stemmed champagne glasses but nobody seems to want any. I wave him over and he's got a huge smile and walks up to me and saying: 'Don't need to explain at all sir, everything is in order'.

Back on the shovel but all alone now. Earlier folks far gone and I'm being conveyed up the mountain with a hook and rope apparatus tied to the comically big handle through a metal grommeted hole--the lift now moving up in violent jerks as everything gets much steeper--making me hang on to the handle base so as not to fall. Looking back now and all the world's snow's clean and pure and nobody at all in sight so I yelp 'Oooohhhhaaaa!' and let go and now tumble backwards with sliding slolom flags whizzing by and whacking me but only lightly and no matter it's such a gas and I get up at the end with sinking sun darklight my heart about to explode from all the cold burning frost air--I have to get back up that big mountain for another and so wait for the hook-and-rope clamp to come get me.


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