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Friday, January 28, 2005

January 28, 2005

Standing up fishing with a bunch of nameless men on a metal fire escape balcony--too many of us and I'm leery of it all collapsing into the river directly under--no sidewalk-- just the red brick industrial apartment building and a fast moving river. Across the waterway are others fishing from balconies up high and I'm trying to figure which fishing line is mine--everyone crossed up and Katsu is standing next to me tangled too but serene--nobody pays any notice when I ask them to let me by. Fishing robots I finally get my line free and reel it in but it snags a guy's porkpie hat along with a cheap looking wig with netting attached. He doesn't seem to notice until another fisher guy whispers in his ear--they look over at me--I hand Katsu my pole and go into the apartment I thought was small but is actually a big loft. I check to see if they're following, but nothing. A big bank of windows facing what looks like Manhattan--but far too many gigantic buildings and all nearly the same height. I'm realize I've got really bad gas and had better leave before the guests arrive. I see a young woman sitting in the corner of a long divan reading with a dim lamp. I go up to ask where the bathroom is and it's Elizabeth and I'm overcome with happiness to see her after so long, but apprehensive about the gas. She's quite animated and begins talking about her brother Paul and says 'Did you know that he died in Viet Nam?' I tell her I thought he was working for the Southern California Gas Company and she's now laughing her hysterical Liz laugh and comes over to poke my stomach and says: 'You're the one working for the gas buddy!' and presses firmly and I let out a huge one. She's delighted and does it over and over again--each time producing a full blown effect, like I'm a squeeze toy.


Blogger mcbickle said...

This took an unexpected turn for the ooky, but I felt it was redeemed with your finale: "like I'm a squeeze toy."

5:03 PM  
Blogger finnegan said...

I'm curious if anyone has created a farting squeeze toy yet. If not, it's certainly something to think about; advancing civilization one squeeze at a time.

8:30 PM  

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