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Thursday, January 20, 2005

January 20, 2005

At mom's house but everything looks wrong--large plate glass windows re-arranged and not plumb--more rooms and everything white. Silverlake is gone--just a big open pit, white, and I can see little whorls of whipped-up chalky dust. The Eucalyptus trees are gone and there are very large bonsai-like trees in their place. I ask her what happened while I was away and she tells me they've made improvements-I ask her who 'they' are and she doesn't answer. I'm beside myself and tell her ''This is a Neutra house. You don't make 'improvements'!''. I go to the backyard garden--it's bone dry with more strange bonsai landscape trees but these are miniatures--I touch one and something barb-like pricks my finger--a metal prong--and it's a fake bonsai shaped Christmas tree with remnant shards of hanging tinsel. Old dusty plastic-covered telephone wires strewn about. A sick feeling in my stomach--I go looking for mom to ask who did all this and why but can't find her. Downstairs t.v. flickering with a shadowy video of a cat walking forward and backward--a distorted track of Japanese children singing in the loop.

Nancy there now. I see her through a tiny wall aperature between the kitchen and hallway corridor. She's standing at the stove cooking but can barely reach up to stir the pot. She looks really small and much older and I ask her what happened to mom. 'She's gone'. I ask where and she shrugs but never looks at me and keeps cooking. Inside the walls of the small opening are ballpoint etched-in phone numbers bleeding through the white paint.


Blogger Jexebel said...

A dream blog, what a fantastic idea!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - saw your comment and site link on Technicolor Dreams and wanted to invite you (and others) to my dream site: Dreamquest at http://yourdreams.blogspot.com

I'll be happy to post a reciprocal link, so we can try to keep a chain of dream sites going...


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