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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

January 12, 2005

Driving around LA in an old Citroen with lots of little pieces of newspaper scattered about--arrive at Bogie's Liquor store in Silverlake but no more Bruce Bogosian--'Bogie'--he's in Hollywood the un-friendly Korean guy at the counter tells me. I know he's Korean because his t-shirt says: 'Proud Korean'. I look for money but have no idea what I'm purchasing and then while leaving the alarm goes off and the same guy pulls a gun on me and presses it to my temple and I get tangled and wince as I'm expecting the trigger to pop but it never does and in my mind I'm thinking about that Vietnamese guy in that famous photo wincing before he gets dropped and I'm still tangled up and he smells like rancid garlic and I tell him 'You smell like shit motherfucker' and he starts to cry like a little kid and I kick him in the nuts while he's not looking and see that his gun has 'A Hasbro Product' written on it. I get back in the car with the gun and it's now not the same Citroen but my old Mazda RX2 and it's like new and I'm freaked out with the same excitement I had when I first got it.

Little baby Siberian tigers on display in Chinatown LA in a display window-- a crowd of people looking on. I can't get a good view---whenever I get a peep I can see they're like kittens but they're adults and they look ratty and sad. I tell a man next to me that 'this is wrong'--he stares at me blankly and turns back to gawk mouth open. I want to move forward and help the little tigers but the crowd is stiff and unmovable. I'm feeling hemmed-in and begin to get a claustrophobic panic and as I'm struggling to get out, a huge hand grabs me around the neck and lifts me up and out. I'm petrified and look straight at the face of the giant man--it's Yao Ming and he's smiling in a frienly manner and doesn't say a word but places me right up to the little tigers. Everyone gives me respect and I can feel it all around. I turn to tell everyone that the tigers belong in the wild so they won't be dwarfs. I begin talking about tigers like I'm giving a speech and have no idea what I'm talking about but everyone seems to be listening intently. An old lady hands me a little red book and nods. I open it and it's all in Chinese. She nods and I begin speaking in fake Chinese, mixed with Chinese accented English like Hop Sing from Bonanza. People begin boo-ing and I feel mortified.


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George, you asked about my website design yesterday. sad to say i didnt design it, the fine people at luckydesigns did. i only made a few mods, the shooting stars with mouse clicks, music, color changes, dimensions.

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