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Monday, January 31, 2005

Big Bird Dream

Can't figure out a question asked by a female student--she begins making snorting oink noises at me, then horsey-cows goats and roosters. Class is whooping it up and I'm completely lost now flush-faced embarrassed and feeling totally inept and I ask her 'Why?' She responds with more barnyard noises and it goes on and on so I get up and try to leave and class starts stomping their feet in unison--a 'recess' bell goes off and everyone is smiling now completely oblivious to what just went on--saying 'oh yeah!' 'break time!' The culprit female walks past me then winks while grabbing my crotch and I spring back shocked and say a lot of gibberish curses like 'whatfigunnin shitzin gottnofukkinhell!' and she just cracks up hoarse voiced and then begins coughing violently and shooting off phlem-chunks with some landing on my new sweater and I'm now thinking about how I'm gonna kill her.

Riding the tram looking up out the view windows--curved skylit like the ones on some of the trans-Alp tourist trains---a sign plastered on a humungous billboard looms into view: 'Big Bird is visiting Zürich!' But the image of Big Bird is seriously different--his face has a real man's--a down-and-outter and not the chicken beaked one from Sesame Street; this one looking filthy and weather-beaten, and I'm thinking 'Big Hobo Bird' and start cracking up out of wildly out of control and point at it and directly at others on the tram laughing harder now just to get everyone going and one by one they do and we're all rocking the tram swaying it in unison--some people panic attack but the rest not--everything finally tipping too far and BAM the car falls on its side and I'm clenching a hand rail so it's no big deal to climb out--a bunch of others climbing out too and now they're jumping up and down and someone across the street turns up his car stereo full blast playing a techno version of 'God Save the Queen'. I see a tiny monkey dancing on a chestnut grill--tiny hot smoking monkey feet and all but s/he's totally oblivious and keeps dancing as the music pulses louder.


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