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Thursday, December 09, 2004

December 9, 2004

Old analog style phone ringing--don't know where the sound is coming from. Physically dense sound but with no center--like surround sound. Someone across the street yells for someone to answer it. I look, but I can't find it. Realize it's my cell phone. I answer it and the person's voice from across the street is coming through the receiver.
I try hanging up but it begins to ring again but with him talking at the same time. He says he's from Interpol and is 'just testing'. Then I tell him to please give me his name and I'll get back with him, but that's not what I want to say and then I try looking for his number on the display but no display functions show. Just one of those fake plastic photo images like a store display model--his voice is now very faint and he tells me he's not really from Interpol but from the IRS, and that he's monitoring expats' tax history. I feel a panic wave wondering if this is going to damn me forever. I hang up and it rings with the same analog tone--very loud again. The man across the street begins yelling for someone to answer the phone.

My iTunes interface looks odd. Strange graphic display--too rich somehow. Like fruit-colored. I try using it and nothing works. A bunch of geometrical oddities begin to appear from all sides of my screen. Parallelograms, tetrahedrons, rhomboids, trapazoids--I try escaping and then the spinning beachball of death appears but very large and pixellated--much to primitive for this to be a mac graphic--I check out my keyboard and it's completely wrong, Cyrillic characters, Japanese Kanji, Arabic, and then a straight-across a-z, many more than a keyboard should have. I begin typing out an angry letter to Apple and then the beachball image begins to pulsate over my text editor and the keys are getting gummy and not springing back. I unplug the AC but nothing shuts off.


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