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Friday, December 24, 2004

December 24, 2004

I'm looking at a younger Leontine Price in close-up but no TV this is real I can see her pores and she's sweating and crying but doesn't seem at all unhappy no it's after some performance and she's being interviewed. But she isn't Leontine Price now because she looks so much like Oprah Winfrey; now she is Oprah and interviewing GW Bush. Bush is much much younger, almost looks like a teenager and she's asking him inane questions about his new diet and exercise plan and he's cackling and I'm in the audience and scream 'Ask him about his relationship with Michael Jackson and all those children!'. The crowd boos me and Oprah never stops talking. Bush tells her he can 'do the old soft shoe just like Bo Jangles' and a big drop down stairway appears Academy Awards-like and he starts tap dancing all up and down and singing in a Sammy Davis Jr. voice.

I'm trying to teach a student how to read the code inside Blogger, but when I switch to Edit HTML there's all this gibberish code and I'm wondering, 'What the hell?' and then realize the interface is not Blogger but Bonger. There are wonderful elfin sprite-like creatures that dance across the header window, and they are amazingly realistic and subtle. I say: 'Wow, look at that!' and one of the characters turns to me and says: 'Be careful what you say here'.
And now I'm wondering if this is a government sponsored marshall law clamp-down of the Net and these are its pretty police. I ask my student if he's ever seen these and he laughs and says 'of course', and I try typing 'Anti-Bush' into the Google search window and a drop down tells me We're sorry, but this information cannot be queried'. I try typing in other sites but the keyboard is all wrong. The keys don't feel properly attached to the board and the space bar is black with a column of tiny white code printed out across the bottom.


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