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“We are such stuff as dreams are made of, and our whole life is rounded with a sleep” ~ Shakespeare

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Monday, December 20, 2004

December 20, 2004

Sitting court-side at the old Sports Arena near the Coloseum. Jerry West is suppose to be playing a one-on-one exhibition game against Elgin Baylor; Elgin is nowhere in sight. The crowd is getting tired of the pre-game waiting around acts and begins shouting for the game to begin. Jerry is too old. Something definitely wrong about the way he looks on the large TV monitor overhead. His skin is ancient-looking and sallow. He looks confused and worried.

In my living room trying to clean up a big can of spilled motor oil I'd discovered on the carpet. 10-30 viscosity and used. Black. Tarry. Parts of it are hardened like roofing tar chunks. I can smell something burning and it turns out to be the carpet. Black plastified clouds start emerging from the spilled mass and it's much too hot to touch. Flame-up, and then I panic and run out of the place. Where am I? George Vallejo is standing outside observing the house and comes up to me and say: 'Hey bro', how do you like the fire?' He's wearing a crooked smile and I ask him if it was him. He tells me 'It don't matter, does it? Nothing matters and you know it'. He wants me to come with him to see what he calls 'A surreal revival meeting'. Says it has something more to do with real resurrection than revival.


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