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Friday, December 17, 2004

December 17, 2004

I'm asking my colleague John McNeil why he's going to work in Tuscany--he'd earlier been telling me that the photo examples I'd sent him were 'sheit'--upon which I'd asked him why and he commensed discoursing on the photos using all kinds of techical jargon many meters over my head. He's telling me an Italian woman from Firenze had contacted him and asked if he weren't interested in spending a year working at the photography institute in Montalcino. I'm jealous as hell hearing this and a bit miffed because he doesn't seem overly excited about it. I ask him if they would accept me as his 'assistant' and he mentions to me that he'd had the same idea and that it wouldn't be a problem since he has carte blanche to do his job 'by any means necessary'.

At the LACC library wandering around the art books section. The books are tattered, old and cobwebbed. I look for the librarian and she tells me that it's all due to the Bush admin's policies which have been diverting funds to fight the 'War on Terror'. She says: "Here come take a look at this" and leads me to the "Military" section which was spanking new and full of color-illustrated volumes, banks of computer displays with pre-loaded propaganda. She whispers in my ear very quietly that they're watching her, me and everyone else with hidden surveillance and miking and so I'd better be careful. I tell I her "I don't give a shit!" and look up at the ceiling and yell out "It's all gonna come full circle you slimy Neo-Christian Neo-Cunts!". Siren goes off and the librarian is nowhere to be seen. Just me and a janitor who tsk-tsks me saying "Now you've done it". I run to the front door and they're open and I walk out onto the brightly lit lime-colored lawn. Students lying about reading, studying and I take a breather on the lawn and look back at the library. My heart is racing wondering what I'd just seen and done. I ask a girl sitting nearby what she knew about the library, and she looks around and everyone has heard me and is listening. I ask what the hell is wrong with everyone and why the surreptitious behavior. No one answers and they all slowly get up to leave. I scream out "You've all been duped!" "You dumb-shits have all the power and act like sheep!"


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